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Energy and Chakra Healing Services

Energetic Chakra Cleansing

  • 1 h
  • 199.99 US dollars
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

Energetic body awareness and alignment is something we should be incorporating into our daily lives. During this session we will address the "Chakras" or energy centers to demonstrate how to effectively bring more attention to our bodies and the unique way they communicate with us. By allowing energy to flow through our bodies instead of being stuck or stagnant. Your connection, your abilities and overall well being start flourishing once again. It is well documented that our bodies respond to frequency and vibration to improve overall awareness, vitality, with more energy and clarity. It retunes the body into a natural balance allowing us to understand how connected we are to ourselves, The Universe, "God" ,Source, One, etc. "THINGS YOU SHOULD PREPARE FOR" • Body sensations • High pitched frequencies • Changes of temperature in the body. • Emotional experiences • Denial or judgment as to what your experiencing • Insight as to who, what or why the energy is affected in that area. • After Effects lasting up to 72 hours or more PREREQUISITES: • A energetically neutral or cleansed space i.e. a natural environment or sacred space where no errant or foreign energies are present. If not available a Smudging or Cleansing of the space is recommended before session. !!! We recommend being in a calm and quiet place free of distractions for this session as any outside distractions can and will interfere depending on the environment your in. !!!

Contact Details


USA Columbus, OH, USA

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