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V.I.P. All Access Intuitive Tarot Reading $66

Four Corners Healing37 is proud to announce our 5 Year Anniversary V.I.P. Access kickoff for all of our beautiful supporters and subscribers out on social media a full on LIVE 30 minute "private" reading session with one of your favorite readers, mentors and teachers Stella and Jose.

Sign up for our V.I.P. All access Monthly subscription of 14.99 and have access to all our in-house Live sessions, Podcast, weekly Collective messages and to top that off; the V.I.P. membership discount for "ALL" plans and services.

"Welcome in and  Welcome home"

Welcome to Four Corners Healing 37! 


Our main goal is to assist and guide you through your spiritual awakening, endeavors life may bring and any facets of life you feel my guidance will help. My simple approach has built and nurtured many beautiful and long lasting relationships throughout my career, alI of which I cherish. I am incredibly thrilled you’ve decided to visit me and My ( A Team ) because of them and outstanding customers such as yourself, this life of mine and service I provide is all possible. THANK YOU!


 Please browse our site to discover what we are all about, and do not forget to check back frequently for all promotions and new products as they are updated.


Please note: Whilst this is serving you as a place of Healing and Spiritual

wellbeing, we must advise some may see this as Entertainment

purposes only.

 “they do not know what they do.”

Healing Fire Aura Cleanse

Get in Touch

Four Corners Healing 37 is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.


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Comments & Testimonials (5)

15 avr.

Rainbow currency divine feminine prophecy. I have info I need to give you on it. You are a part of this!


12 avr.

Not a single language on this planet could even begin to describe Stella or her gifts, much less her radiating energy! Not only is she the most authentic human being I have met, she is equally humble. She is an admirable leader, teacher and friend. The world knows not how blessed we are to have her and her gifts that she shares. I thank the Universe for intersecting our paths and for what is yet to be. I highly suggest reaching out to Stella for spiritual guidance and direction and she is all that I trust. Thank you again for being you and for all that you do! You are absolutely remarkable! Much love and peace.💗 Danielle Brazis


My Oder of 3 anklets and holy oil came a day early and they’re beautiful! Holy oil comes in a cute roller. My kids are sensitive to smells and they definitely approve, it’s not overpowering at all. Definite plus!

I couldn’t make up my mind on what crystal beads I wanted for my anklet so Stella was sweet enough to pick them out for me and I’m more than in love with it! My teenage girl put hers on right away which says a lot. The crystal beads are the cutest and they came with turtles that compliment the whole thing. So if you’re thinking about ordering her products 10/10 recommend. She is on top of communication and wants you to be happy with your products. I also appreciate the time she took to bless them under the moon. I can’t thank you enough!


10 mars

No words could ever describe how absolutely greatful I am to have come across Stella. Life changing would be an understatement. No words could ever describe the clarity she has brought to my life and the peace that it has brought. The clarity of knowing the reasons why I'm drawn to certain things has opened up so much for me and its people like her that drive me to be the best me so that I too can give back and to finally feel like I'm finally finding my calling or my purpose. It's that feeling of finally finding a place that feels like home for what feels like the first time. She has given me the greatest gift that anyone has ever given to me and im am eternally and forever greatful. Absolutely blew me away to the point of happiness, excitement, and even tears. The first time I seen her do a reading I just knew she was exactly what I was needing to help me know me and it's an experience I will never ever forget. Worth every penny and if I'm being honest worth so much more. No dollar amount could ever repay what she has done for me. I feel absolutely blessed. I guess it's true when they say when the student is ready the teacher appears. 💯❤️💯 Christopher D.


10 mars

This Beautiful human, person, soul has changed my life. From our first brief encounter and everyday after. She always goes above and beyind the call for gelp and sniffs through the  bullshit.  I couldn't understand for weeks how or why i found her page  but when i did her beilf in me helo me grow the belief in my self. I 100 out of 100 recommend working with her if yiu are ready to move forward with love.💜  Iris V.

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